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Welcome to Boulevard Asia Peru

The Boulevard of Asia is located 100 kilometers south of Lima, Peru. Asia's beaches are the most exclusive and with a growing influx of tourists, especially in the summer months.
Asia's beaches have become, without doubt, in the resort of the middle and upper classes for several years at the Boulevard in Asia has branches of Lima's most important business, like restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs, department stores, cinemas, hotels, hairdressers, shops, jewelry store, decor and fashion.

Beaches and resorts of San Antonio and Chilca:

Chilca (Km.62), Playa Lapa Lapa (Km.67.5), Canarias (Km.70), Playa Las Lagunas de Puerto Viejo (Km. 70.8), Puerto Nuevo (Km.70), Puerto Viejo (Km.71), , León Dormido (Km.80), La Ensenada (Km.82) and Beach San Antonio (Km.92)

Beaches district of Asia:
(from Km 84 to Km 117.5 of the road "Panamericana Sur")
The Asian district has beautiful beaches, which include: Costa del Campo (km.84.3), Las Totoritas (km.86), Las Palmas (km.89), Los Cocos (km.90), Unión Bíblica (km.90), Bujama (km.91), Asia (km.97), Chocalla (Km.92.5), Cayma (km.97), Sarapampa (km.106), Huaycamp (km.115), Valdivia (Country Club de Villa), Palillo (km.116) and El Misterio (km.117.5).
Most beaches have been built under a concept of private beach, access is difficult, in a perspective of exclusivity and security.

Beaches and resorts district south Asia:
(from Km 118 to Km 126 of the road "Panamericana Sur")
On the southern Asia bordering the district of Cerro Azul.
El Barrancadero (Km.118), Chepeconde (Km.120), Lomas del Mar (Km.121), Puerto Fiel (Km.121), Punta Corrientes (Km.123), Gallardo (Km.124), Lobos (Km.126) and Los Reyes (Km.126).

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